Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eating in Tallinn, Estonia, part 2: cacao vs hot chocolate

In Estonia, you will find many little coffee places everywhere, which is very nice when going there in the winter and you then need to reheat yourself with coffee, or better, with hot chocolate. But in Estonia for what in other countries we usually only call "hot chocolate", they have two different drinks: cacao and hot chocolate. Here they are: 

This one is the one called "cacao". It is the most common one, the one with cacao powder, milk, and cream (for the delicious foam on top). 

This second one is the one they call "hot chocolate". So first it was like a normal hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and chocolate chips: really refreshing in mouth! The big surprise came when after I ate the whipped cream. And it looked like that:
Instead of the usual cacao powder + milk, I discovered it was REAL hot chocolate! Melted dark chocolate to drink! Oh My God!! This was total heaven in my mouth! I've never drunk such a delicious hot chocolate! And I will definitely do that myself at home some time soon! 


  1. Fascinating! I've never been to Estonia but I would love to go some day. I've been Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic and they were amazing! Maybe someday I'll make it over to Estonia! :)

    1. I hope you'll make it one day. It's a pretty country to visit, and what is great for students like us: it is really cheap for everything!

  2. Wow - this all sounds very exotic to me :)
    And I can't decide which one looks tastier (I think one in the morning, one at night :D)
    And I always use melted chocolate + cocoa powder in my hot chocolate - never only one or the other because one needs rich taste!

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. What a delicious array of chocoaltey goodness! While I have never been to Estonia, it sure looks like they know a thing or two about hot chocolate. Thanks for sharing this-delicious pictures.

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  5. Well... I defintely want to taste the second one called "hot chocolate"!



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