Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eating in Tallinn, Estonia, part 4: lunch in the old town

After touring around the city on a cold but sunny day, walking hours on wet and icy sidewalks, warm food in a nice place was needed! So just opposite the beautiful city hall building, in a small restaurant/wine cellar called Rae, we found warm couches to sit on and warm ourselves. It was also lunch time and after the whole morning going around the old town, we were of course hungry. So we ordered some food, and were really happy about what we got there!
Here is what I've had on that day:

As a starter I ordered garlic bread, and got surprised when it arrived! Usually when ordering garlic bread, I always get some kind of baguette, but this was definitely different: it was crispy, grilled garlic bread sticks served with a garlic sauce. This was absolutely delicious and I really want to try to cook those myself!

As a main dish, as I absolutely love goat cheese, I ordered goat cheese pasty! As you can see the goat cheese slice there is really a big one, and the nice thing was that this piece of goat cheese was covered with liquid honey. This combination tasted really good. And about the pastas, the sauce was really creamy, and the salad with cherry tomatoes there were a touch of freshness in the meal. All together this pasta dish was really good, and I will remember it next time I cook goat cheese pasta.


  1. You are right, the garlic bread looks amazing, and such a unique twist! And good call on the goat cheese as well!

  2. This does look like an enjoyable feast. The garlic bread alone would make me happy. Also, your description on that goat cheese pasty has my mouth watering. Thanks for sharing your dining adventure!

  3. All these foodie pics have me drooling :P
    That garlic bread looks so exotic!

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  4. The garlic bread looks definitely tasty, I would like to try once, I am quite sure I will love them, as the goat cheese pasty, you know why :P



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